A HUGE Thank You!

Thank You ForĀ Supporting Kim Meyer for Washoe County Sheriff

I want to take a moment to say how very GRATEFUL I am to all those who have supported me and been with me on my campaign journey. This has been an amazing experience and I can’t thank you all enough for the amount of love and support you gave me.

To all the people who gave me time out of their day at their doorsteps, to all the amazing nonprofits and community leaders I met who do the work of moving our community forward, to those who hosted fundraisers or meet and greets, to those who invited me to events, to those whom I called for advice, to those who gave time and money, to my campaign team, and to my amazing friends, I am eternally grateful. I feel blessed to have met so many new people through this experience and look forward to continuing those new relationships. I want to thank my family as well. You have been my rock through this experience and I couldn’t have done this without you.

I am disappointed to not have made it through the primary but I believe everything happens for a reason and look forward to the next chapter of life.

May the wind always be at you back, the sun gently upon your face, gratitude and love present in your heart, and many blessings ahead for your journey!

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