Passionate •  Honest • Accountable • Forward-Thinking

I am Kim Meyer and I am running to be your first elected woman sheriff. I have over 24 years of experience and I want to protect those that can’t protect themselves. As your sheriff, I vow to wake up every day and work with my team to make the lives of every person better. The sheriff’s office has a multitude of responsibilities ranging from overseeing the jail, patrolling our community, and enforcement outside of the urban core. As your sheriff, I will collaborate with other agencies to ensure our communities are safe. We need a top down and bottom up approach to school safety. By collaborating with our community leaders, we can create a system that keeps our children safe in school. As your first woman sheriff, I look forward to gaining your support.

A Voice for the People

  • Sex Trafficking
    I will roll out an education campaign, educating the public, the consumer, the victims and law enforcement.
  • Regional Collaboration
    For the sake of making access to resources more convenient, standardized and better funded, I will move to regionalize all victim services and make it like the Child Advocacy Center as a one stop shop for adult victims and their dependents/families.
  • Opioid Addiction
    Educating the public on what a substance use disorder (Opioid Abuse) looks like and how and where to access resources for themselves or someone around them.  I am a proponent of getting back into the schools and bringing in credible drug use & abuse awareness and prevention education to the next generation.

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